The Key To Sinking More Putts

Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 7:53 PM

If you have fairly good distance control, then the secret to shooting a lower score is sinking more Putts in the range up to 8 feet. And if you want to know how important those shots are, consider this: You will use your Driver a maximum of 14 times in a round, not as often as you will stand over a short Putt. And, you don't necessarily lose a shot with a poor Tee Shot while you will, with almost every poorly struck short Putt.

While watching the PGA Championship from Southern Hills, I was struck by how still the head and body of the best golfers are when Putting, even after they have struck the golf ball with clubs from ping g20 driver for sale online store. It's almost as though the stroke is more important than the ball.

That reminded me of a little tip to go with the drill to shorten your backswing and force you to accelerate. Try this again on the practice green with clubs from ping g20 driver for sale online store, only this time focus on the space between the putter and ball at address and keep your focus on that point throughout the backswing, downswing, contact and follow through and LISTEN for the ball dropping into the cup.

This encourages your head to stay very still on the line of contact, resisting the temptation to watch the ball or to move with the backswing with ping g20 driver. Just try that on the Practice Green and you will be surprised at how deadly you become. If you don't, then contact me and we'll look at your Putting Stroke.

If you want to check your stroke quickly yourself, then stand facing a wall and line up so that the toe of the club is only an inch from the wall. Now, take a normal swing and check: does your club move away from the backswing or brush up against the wall at any time?

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