Sink Your Best Putt

Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 8:08 PM

Many players do not understand what they should actually be practicing when it comes to putting so they just avoid practicing. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while trying to improve your putting:

Learn to distinguish which way the grain of the grass is going. When you see professional players sizing up their putt they are doing more than just reading the break, they are also looking at the grain. This will determine whether the putt is going to be fast or slow. A tip to keep in mind is when you are behind your putt with Katana SNIPER Hi 4WD Driver and the green looks "shiny" you are putting with the grain so it will be faster. If you look and the green looks dull and a darker green then you are putting into the grain and the putt will be slower.

Use your feet to help determine the break on the green. When you are looking at your line, walk along the line of the putt and feel the way the green is slopping. Is there a big break or does it flatten out at the hole? This will help you get the putt on a better line with better speed.

Figure out the way that you prefer to putt with Katana SNIPER Hi 4WD Driver. What is meant by this is do you prefer to put a little more speed on you putts or do you prefer letting your putts die into the hole. Once you determine which way you feel more comfortable with stick with it and perfect your technique. That does not mean you won't need to know how to do both it just means that on the majority of your putts you use your chosen method.

Gain local knowledge. Knowing the course's secrets can save you several putting strokes per round with Katana SNIPER Hi 4WD Driver for sale. For instance, every golfer should know that the greens always seem to break towards water, but the locals will know even more. Every course has local knowledge so ask the golf pro before you play a round. Who knew that most of the greens break towards the valley?

One big mistake that players often make is their set up. Many players take a few practice swings, step into position, and then put their putter behind the ball. Mistake. If you do it this way you can end up with a slightly opened or closed stance which will alter your line. When you are ready to putt with Katana SNIPER Hi 4WD Driver for sale, put your putter behind your ball, then bring your feet in, squaring them to the putter. Learn this technique and you will see better results from you putts. Putting is often over looked by golfers and not practice nearly enough. Shaving strokes off your games is most easily done by cutting the number of strokes you use on the green. So use these tips to get your putting technique perfected and sink your best putt.

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