Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 9:14 PM

I swore to God, Id rather suffer the truth than live in the deluded reality these maggots invent in a vain attempt to be percieved as humane.
The reality is the opposite, the continuation of inhumane practices for profit.
Their egotistical attempts to convince themselves that one person cannot make a difference is my ally, for only they have cnsidered their illogical lies acceptable.
Meanwhile, I seek erradication of such degradation.
Not out of vanity, but with an unbiased sense of justice.
These fouls exist within all facets of society. Common as cockroaches.
Mentionings of their disgustings acts would only serve to potentially inspire the same foulness to be perpatrated against another.
I prayed, and God answered.
Just as He is not responsible for the foul acts of man, nor am I responsible for the crimes committed against me.
I am responsible for MY actions, MY choices, MY beliefs and expections.
You can dress it up however you see fit, but the truth remains intact as does my pride, which does not reside within my flesh but is intagible like the soul...


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