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Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 3:27 AM Texans looking at micro-algae as possible huge future crop source. Will they grow bigger in Texas? Nice work making pro-biotics cheaper to produce and thus, hopefully, healthy food less expensive for people. Eggs help prevent coronary disease and high blood pressure. This is the exact opposite of scientific wisdom a couple of decades ago. Of course, if healthy eating gurus had been able to outlaw eggs then, it would be as difficult to get them legalized as it is to get marijuana legalized. Stupid laws based on even the best science of the day are almost impossible to get off the books once they are there. Even after science has demonstrated that they are stupid laws. So lets not pass any more of these dumb 'good for you' laws and get rid of the ones we have. Genius. I feel stupid that I did not think of it. Termite enzymes are great for breaking down wood for biofuel production. Doh. Really, genius is seeing the obvious that no one else does. Teaching cows not to fart by studying wallabies. Polar bears are Irish. A good reason to raise your children in the Church of Civilization. Amazing stuff, using existing radio, television and similar signals to power small electronic devices or charge batteries. Pulling energy right out of the air. Dangerous drugs that only activate when the enemy is present. Amazing. The platypus really is different. Amazing discovery about chromosome structures across all species, except the platypus, naturally.

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    Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 5:54 AM

    Another Week, some more science. Important work on how the atmosphere effects the movement of bacteria. Many uses from agriculture to analyzing threats from NBC weapons vectored through the atmosphere. Ancient hominid has developed hands and undeveloped brain surprising scientists. Decades ago I concluded that the hands and bipedal movement developed first followed by the brain. A computer without peripheral equipment cannot do much. It takes equipment attached to the computer for it to be able to act on the envioronment and confer a survival advantage, so the hands and bipedal movement had to come first. Still scientists are surprised at this finding. Looks like an important development in fighting cancer. Early motor skill exercise can possibly treat autism. Not raised in the study, but raised by the study, is a change in child nurturing behavior, caused by changes in society, a possible cause of an increase in autism? Homeschooled children do better than above average students in public schools in Canada. Sending people to school, or giving them diplomas is not the same as an education. This looks like a promising development in treating artheroschlerosis. Nanotubes can replace copper and other metal wires to carry current. The world it is a-changing. Using light as a tool to manipulate electrons in atoms. Very interesting new stuff. Pretty mind-blowing. Promising new material for batteries. A new binder for electrodes in lithium batteries. I wonder if it would work with the new material above? Ah well.