Mably and Communism

Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 9:47 PM

"The Story of Civilization", Vol. X, "Rousseau and Revolution", "The Road to reconstruction must begin by clearing all obstacles to the free discussion of morals and politics, "allowing full liberty to wise men to attack the errors and prejudices that maintian the spirit of property." Children should be taken from their parents at six years of age and brought up communally by the state until they are sixteen years old, when they should be returned to their parents; meanwhile the schools will have trained them to think in terms of the common good rather than personal acquisition. Private property should be permitted only in articles pertaining to the individual's intimate needs. "All products will be collected in public storehouses to be distributed to all citizens for the needs of life." Every able-bodied individual must work, from twenty-one to twenty-five he must help on the farms. There is to be no leisure class, but everyone will be free to retire at forty, and the state will see that he is well cared for in old age. The nation will be divided into garden cities with a shopping center and a public square. Each community is to be governed by a council of fathers over fifty years old and these councils will elect a supreme senate to rule and co-ordinate all."

So Mably wrote around 1755. Here we find the Communist ideal. First they promise to supply all your 'needs' then they put a gun to your head and a whip to your back and send you to the fields to pick cotton. Senator Calhoun could have been quoting Mably when he defended slavery in the US Senate prior to the Civil War.

If all able-bodied citizens are forced to work, people will invent reasons that they are not able-bodied. If the state decides what you need, no one will invent an x-box or video games, because you don't really need those, and you certainly don't need Hollywood Summer Blockbusters.

Most of the things people think they need are things they want, not things which are essential to sustaining life. So when someone promises to guarantee your needs, what you get is not what you want. Whenever people are given a choice of getting what they can get without working for it, or by working for it, they will find a way to get out of the work.

People don't harvest fruit without an expectation of a sweet reward. People don't go hunting without an expectation of a meal resulting. When people are expected to work without a reward for that work, they find a way to avoid the work or to work as little as possible.

Black slaves in the US were very clever in finding ways to make themselves as slow and inefficient as possible, breaking equipment, sabotaging carts, and doing everything possible to make every task as delayed and hindered as it could be.

Drug addiction works because there is a clear reward for doing the drug. Men chase women in the hope of a reward.

The hunter sharing his kill with his village does so in the hope of a reward in their praise and affection.

In a Communist system, the giver receives no praise for his efforts from the taker. There is no reward for generosity or sharing.

People working for a reward work harder than people working for the 'common good'. When people see something they want they work for it. When they know they can only get what some authority will give them, they devote all their energy, cleverness and ability to getting the handout without doing any work.

Man does not live by bread alone. He also needs a sense of self-actualization, a sense that he has some influence and power in his own life. He needs people to appreciate what he does for them, not to just take the product of his labor because they have a 'right' to it. When what a man does is not his choice but is dictated to him by others, these needs are never met.

So, systems like this encourage people to congratulate themselves on how clever they are for not working and how foolish others are for working. In this way they feel like they have some control over their lives, and how foolish others are for not being as clever as they are.

Men do not have a 'right' to the fruits of the labor of other men. The wealthy do not have a right to profit from laborers hard work, without paying them a fair wage for what they produce. The poor do not have a right to take the fruits of the hard work and long hours of small businessmen.

The wealthy always attempt to take the fruits of labor without paying for it, saying that they have a 'right' to it since they created the businesses. The poor say they have a 'right' to what they want because they are just as good as anyone else.

Two wrongs do not make a right. The workman deserves his wage, do not bind the mouths of the kine which tread the grain. Yet, the man who creates a business, markets a product, dreams a new dream, has a right to the reward for his initiative, energy and innovation.

The rich man always attempts to game the system so he gets all the profits from others ideas and risks and talent. The poor man claims a right to own what he never earned. Both are always attempting to steal in one way or another the fruits of the labor of those who actually do and create.

The honest man is robbed alike by the right and the left, he is to busy actually doing things to bribe the politicians in Washington, and so, he is always robbed. When this becomes too extreme, the majority of people just stop trying, and society fails. Then the state puts a gun to your head, and a whip to your back and sends you to the fields to pick cotton.

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