Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 7:13 PM

Hmm. Quachee only got 4 downloads at Renderosity. Polrak got 26. What does it all mean?

I am confused. Sure Quachee is black, but so is Polrak, and Quachee is a cute young black girl, Polrak is a big formidable looking black man. Polrak got 26 downloads.

Peronu got 33 downloads, but she is a light skinned black woman. Odimi an alien with golden skin got 64 downloads in the nude adult version. What is it with golden skinned alien men anyway?

I am seriously confused. Quachee is really cute and pretty. Only 4 downloads?

I guess I could theorize about it all. I mean, you can use big bad black men in your art work, but you might be scared to put a cute young black woman in your art work, someone might call you something.

I don't know, it is all kind of puzzling.

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