SPREAD - A Trangressing Father's Bond....Movie idea pitch

Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 2:56 PM

Link to idealizing picture SPREAD PICTURE...

Visioning being written by Ice Cube and John Singleton this is an urban action/drama movie idea pitch called "Spread". Starring actor Gbenga Akinnagbe. It''s what I call a gangsta Soul Food. lol Action packed. The usual L.A. hood shit. It's basically about the trials and tribulations in the life of a multiple felon father. As a young father he made spreads and sometimes fed it to his kids and they actually liked it.
A spread something he learned to make in jail. As you may know the main ingredient was Top Ramen noodles. Doritos chips, boiled eggs, bologna, mayo, mustard, and all kinda other stuff is added to make it a large quantity. There's many ways to make it. Different guys make it their own way. Inmates made spreads together each contributing what they had to add so everybody in the car can eat. It was an act of unity and bondage.
I picture the movie ending with a big argument with his young adult kids about their father always in and out of jail most of their lives, yada yada yahh and so forth. The father ends up getting an understanding between him and his kids. They show each other love and make up. They end up bonding with a request from the father's kids to make them that spread he use to make for them when they were very young. They sit at the table with their long lost father enjoying a spread with Saltine crackers.

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