Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 8:33 PM

ya fucking kidding me right?
fuck me, fuck me dead, fuck me, you and every other mother fucker that thought i wouldn't put one in the top of they head if they ever bowed down.

Sub-missive wanna be miss-isles.

You bow down bitch.
I got the fucking voice you should fear, and i dont have to come to your fucking town to proove it, so shut the fuck up bout them colors or i'llturn you into a flag.
I killed the county, It's a state of mind.
Talking that fucking bandana shit, why dont ya just join the bandidos and be done with it?

Fucking maggots, seriously man.....


I said the entire muthafucking west coast need to be put on a muthafucking ventilator or some form of life support if "YOUR" "The West" and i also said, the hip-hop industry is not big enough in Australia to support a solo act,and i was talking bout a fucking concert, not a fucking preview to your future. Tivoli 2010.

When i was talking bout the west coast i didn't mean nothing bout saving it, that's none of my muthafuckin business, fuck that shit-ya know it all callin everything that talks straight to ya a muthafucking vegatable.
Ya bitch ass wanna be White Cunt.
All that shit, that's your G.O., not mine.
How the fuck is any bitch gon have any kind of fucking enjoyment or actual chance of brainwashing these little dollarmites, if all ya's do is let them fucking vagabonds re-write ya scripts.

Seriously Duke, if it was the other way round, you wouldn't even get a mention, you'd be dead. Becuase i do not rub shit in the face of my enemies.
(I'm still undecided on that one, unless you made a decision for me.)

Seriously " Buddah "( I said Buddah, not Sonny) You are dead, Welcome to the matrix, snitch.


empty threats?
ya dealing with nobody, and you expected some substance to stem form abuse?
go back to ya fucking stem cell research.
and i'm the dumb bitch?
fuck, you are one up-town-muthafucka, ya urbanite reject.

Go on, ya goon head, everyone gotta step on the street occasionally.

Fuck it, How much?
Nah bitch, i'd do that for free.


(go and smoke some more cream.
have a giggle ya crazy glue sniffing reject.
callin me a ball and shit.
Your a fucking waller, who probably should of been a tiler, maybe even a renderer,
and the only bawling you getting out me is the fucking river i cried at the start.
Right now, I'm rubber, and your glue, everything say, bounces of me, andsticks onto you, and your bitch ass crew.
Come on punk-e where's ya brew ska'.
Look, I'll give ya some master shit okay.
Every single young unmarried male out there, is entitled to the title "Master" cos that's good old english, but you, ya over the hill peace a shit, your just a ......

Fuck it, your just a big waste of testosterone....{



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