why is cube coming to australia again if he hasn't put out another album?

Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Seriously, i wouldn't mind seeing Dub doing some of his new album ( cos he still got game ) and he didn't even try crip walkin for us in Brisbane last year ( he's like, the Godfather of that shit to anyone who grew up in the 90's) so that'd be worth a dolla, and any other American artists that could possible join the tour would be awesome, cos the U.S. is the home of rap to me.
The last show was a bit dissapointing cos there was so many white australian boys fronting for him at the beggining, ( seriously, i hate seeing "other people:" making a profit offa someone elses culture,) and im not a fan of U.K. rap either so Scorcher didn't really hit the mark, so, unless it's gonna be like another Up In Smoke tour, which Snoop headlined, then why bother?

Maybe Cube does give a fuck about a dow jones average, or the current excahnge rate of the U.S. dolla, cos it usually looks good for anyone who's got the intention of exchanging they Australian earning into American currency......( Well, it was that way until yesterday, anyway.)

Maybe he gon give his boys a try at touring with him? Yeah, that sounds like a decent thing to do.

Hmm, nevamind, it's not like i be wasting any more money on that fools concept of entertainment anymore anywayz........
I'd rather listen to his old albums, but i gotta feeling i'm gonna miss out on some mad walking and talkin from W.C., which serves me right for being such a, (how do you kids keep puttin it?) HATER......crazy ( in a negative way ) would probably fit the script betta.

oh well, ya live ya learn...


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