Today's FAKES In Hip Hop.

Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 5:31 AM By: Hip_Hop_4LIFE

In Today's "FAKES IN HIP HOP" Let's Start With LiL Gay Wayne. I Don't Think Theirs Any Fool That Been In The Hip Hop Industry Past Or Present That Has Been As Fake As LiL Wayne Is Today, OH WAIT I TAKE THAT BACK!! Bubba Sparxx From The Past & John Cena Of Today Or 2002 You Take Your Pick On That One LOL... But Anyways. With Flamer You Can Tell This Fool Is Fake By Looking At Him & Listening To Him "TRYING TO SING" With His Over Used Piece Of Shit Auto-Tunes I Mean Really If You Can't Keep It Real With Yo Music Then Don't Try At All Cause In My Eyes It Make's You Look Like A Phoney With NO Talent Or Skills In Singing/Rapping-Flowing But You Know Another Thing That is REALLY Pitiful & Pathetic People Buy That Shit It's Like WTF ARE YOU THINKING, Do You Know Anything About Hip Hop ??? I Don't Even Those Type Of People "FANS" I Call Them Lame As Groupies With No Sense Of knowledge Of What Hip Hop Really Is I Mean All You Got Today Garbage You Can't Even Understand Or The Fucking Song Repeats The Same Verse OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER Thru The Whole Song, What Kind Of Shit Is That ? & Not Only That The Beats Are Weak Just Makes you Wanna Puke Or Put You're Fist Thur The Damn Radio Or Stereo Or Whatever You're Listening TO It On...I Find This Hilarious That Bitch Boy LiL Flamer Wayne Trying To Do Metal Now Or Rock n Roll LMFAO Who This Fool Think He Is Body Count Or Chuck Berry, Little Richard, James Brown Come On He Is Killing Music That We All Grew Up Listening To & Would Collect Their Tapes/Records/CD's......

That Is All i Got To Say About Him & The Topic, I Am Done...

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  1. Today's FAKES In Hip Hop.

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