truthfull words

Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 2:58 PM By: killahillah5050

been writin rhymes lately .. just came up wit this the other day .

Lately, I been thinking wuts it like to die?
Will I rot in the ground? Or fly up in the sky ?
I guess in this life, only time will tell ,
If a nigga like me go to heaven or hell .
Do any of yall niggas know if there is deamons ?
Or is yall to busy hittin that crack yal is feenin
Get off ya ass get off tha street get a job so you can eat
Maybe try to support ya family put sum shoes on their feet.
Most niggas look at me n don’t see eye to eye
Mostly becuz niggas don’t care if I survive or die.
that’s why I get highh, n blow mah smoke in tha sky.

Jesus is our savior, so mind your behavior
He is the one that died for us
Rosa parks wouldn’t get off the bus for us
What have you done for us ? What have you donne man
Click , clack ya gun, raped another womann ?
Like huey said, You can jail a revolutionary, but you cant jail the revolution
Erbody know nothing can be resolved by prosecution
There aint no white presedent, a black man is now in power
But, every nigga still tryna survive by sellin powder
But see, that shouldn’t be tha american way
Slangin dat shit everday,
Errbody needs a guud legitimate jobb .
Instead of allways hustling n trynnaa robb .

Say what you want, I dunt reli caree
Life will never be perfect cuz shit aint ever fair
Drugs weed, sex and alcohol
Just if a couple ppl do it , it effects us all
You might think all tha shit I say is wack
But reli, you aint sayin nothing , how wack is that ?
It don’t matter if you white black, or asain
We are all one in this huge undivided nation
Go ahead, talk about me behind my back
Your probably hatin on me cuz im only half black

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