poem for you all

Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 8:16 AM By: steve0775

Here is a problem, that needs addressed.
People are out there making 7 and a quarter a hour.
Do the math and you will see, it takes at least 13.
That seems screwed up to me.. While inflation has been on the rise, things now cost 2 maybe 3 times more.
So the million plus dollar owner, can make more money to put gas in his Range Rover. While the person he hires, will make less than his son or daughter. Is it true that this world, would come unglued, if it wasn't for me and you.So how can this continue. How does something like this even get close to being fixed. Especially when the owner, threatens to fire. What because we want more per hour.. So what do you do when you get tired, something needs to get done but it seems I don't have the power. If I could I would fix it quick. I would start off buy slapping the evil rich pricks. Are they stupid, why don't they care, about the man who just decided which bills to skip. What is more important I wonder, Insurance payment or actually going to the Doctor. A new doctor is coming in power, and look I didn't have to charge you thousands per hour.. I am going to find a way, to make it better for, the poor "lower class" like me. Did you know the united states last year made enough to give each man fourty thousand. How did I come to that figure, I looked it up on google. I took the gross national income and divided it by every man, woman, and child. So what does that do but make another problem, these are the ways of Hitler. I don't quite fully understand that quite yet, I must of got that from a republican who supports the red color. While Democrates, who like blue,yes want more money , but want to share it like momma told us too.. Now for those colors red and blue, popular colors always get used. From Washington to California make no mistake
I wouldn't pull out either when drivin through some states. Why in Washington is this allowed, sounds alot like the gang stuff we see all around. So how are they getting away with that..because we all seen on cops what really happens. Now maybe that could be a soulution send those cops to Washington. Let them get tackeled and cuffed. when they try to Philabust. Holding up progress with moutains of paper, that is the defination of bad behavior.. Lock them up for once, for thier human nature. That is all I have for now, don't know if you will like this recent poem.

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