Yes back in the 505

Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 12:08 PM By: theresa lawrence

It's so great to have you back here in the 505 I's your girl from the store. I'm hoping to see you while your out here. I really want to see you at the concert but i know if i go the security will not let me in because the last time i had to call phoenix to come around the side because of all the crazies trying to get in by using your name and saying they knew you. I don't have anyone's number to get in touch with you so if you want give me a call 505-250-1038 My cell was stolen the other day at a store it's my fault i should never have put it down while looking to buy something. Damm people can't trust anyone. You can look me up as well on Facebook im sure you remember meeting me at the Hasting's while you were signing autograph's then sitting with you after the concert.Yes that's right the girl from the store. It almost sounds like a song lmao. Also still being stingy with the hugs but i owe you a few for leaving but i knew you were tired from the day of signing autograph's and then the concert and having to get to another concert the next day. Keep in touch i hope we can dodge the mobs again.
The girl from the store

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  1. Yes back in the 505

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