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The Bloods, the The Crips and, the Folk Nation are said to have roots from the black panthers. The Panthers could have stopped the police and tore down the entire white supremist agenda, however the FBI went undercover and tore them apart. The Crips and Bloods were a response to racism from white gangs in L.A. and the L.A.P.D.

They started with a sort of black power ideology. Late down the road, the Bloods and Crips would be the center of black on black gang violence until 1992 when an attempted truce between the gangs was also foiled by the cops, who feared the gangs would uprise, so they pitted them against each other yet again.

The gangs have their roots in the black power movement. Now both the Bloods and Crips and even the Folks have members of all cultures. But the need for a united front standing against police oppression remains the same.

Only when us gangstas, hustlers, BG's and Tripple O.G.'s see who are common enemy is, can there be any progress.

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    This is true, how do you suppose we start? There is so much ignorance here (I'm speaking on the West, this is where I'm from) that we don't even understand that we are not each others enemy. This vicious cycle needs to be stopped. I even tried in my immediate area of Watts and those that could be of assistance to me and my idea, but due to the killings of 2008 in Watts they all backed out. How do we change when even the people with the power to make changes are afraid of CHANGE?

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