I want Ice Cube To Sing a Theme Song on the Season 3 of Pretty little Liars

Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 6:38 AM By: slingo

As I've heard the news about the upcoming release of the new season of PLL i want to suggest here in the personal site of Ice Cube if ever that they can make it possible, the best option to steal with the moment is to give time and to give him a space for the most prestigious TV series of the year. Of course they want it to be the best and this can only be possible if they can make it with the voice of this gold rapper. On it's latest release we are expecting long before for this but aside from a simple drop of show, perfect harmony from it's writing and the perfect timing for discovery everyone can follow a direction and everyone can enjoy it to the fullest. Not only the video but of course the audio too.

So everyone is excited to watch Pretty little Liars even this will open up publicly on June 2012, but still there will be more things to discover after reaching out every part of your computers and television to the maximum limit. Aside from the soundtrack it is also good to know if there will be more guesting for Ice Cube this also a matter of chance to promote the show imagine in every concert of this cool boy, he can say to the world the everyone must watch the season 3 because he is available for that. This is how The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead show to the world that this must be a better TV series, to check and watch it online.

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