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Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 12:39 PM By: Anomosity

As a child Anomosity was orphaned at the age of 8 and grew up in the streets of Oakland, California surrounded by drugs and violence. Songwriting provided an outlet for Anomosity as well as steps towards his childhood dream of being a famous rapper. In his teenage years he began hustling in the streets to make money, rapping locally and was positive that he was on the right track to fame and fortune.

In 2005, after coming to the realization that he was quickly heading towards a dead end, Anomosity made the decision to completely transform his life so he could be there for his family. Through his music, he took the lessons he learned from the streets and turned them into a positive and knowledgeable message that he delivers through his music. Anomosity serves as a source of inspiration and wisdom with GOD as his strength, and a philosophy of hope,he is focused on redirecting misguided youth, to help them see the brutal realities of the street, and to work hard in achieving all of their goals because they ARE worth it. Rapping to a beat that can make any body rock, his lyrics are full of hope versus the negativity in others music, and this is what makes his style so unique.

Anomosity is also responsible for the P.CoatMafia(I.N.C) label he launched and feels blessed to have such a versatile support system behind him. His debut album "Prizonology_Political Affiliation" was released in November of 2010, which is available on iTunes, and he is currently working on his first mixtape "Ain't No Beat Safe". The future is looking bright for Anomosity, driven by a wonderful purpose, along with everyone supporting him, the possibilities are endless! He plans on enrolling in school after completion of his mixtape to study business, and music marketing. Eventually he would like to star in a movie that he co-writes and co-produces.

Even though he is a dreamer, Anomosity is a credible illustration proving that if we continue to keep GOD first and make the right choices for the right reasons....anything is possible.

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