ATTENTION - I apologise for getting Raw Footager OR W/E banned

Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 2:32 PM By: Toshko BG

Look guys, I'm just a mean ass bitch that got my rl life friend - Toshko[RawFootager] banned. Me and my best friend[not telling u her name cuz u'll come rape her] made this account and started spamming the site one night out of boredom while we were talking with Toshko[RawFootager] on skype. HE DIDNT tell us about this site so he has nothing to do with it. He kept on telling us not to spam and flood but we kept doing it anyways till we got him banned Which SUX cause its not his fault. He really admires ICECUBE [LOL IDK WHY XD SHEEEESH] and he got banned cuz of us D;< NOT to mention he used to be one of the most active dudes on this lame site So yeah if you could fix the prob IT'D BE GREAT ^_^ Thank you.

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