Raekwon Reveals Guest Spots On "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang"

Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 9:01 AM By: Ca$hOnly

Although he's traditionally waited years in between solo releases, Wu-Tang's Raekwon is wasting no time releasing the follow-up to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. II.

According to Vibe.com, the Shaolin lyricist is eager to continue his musical output. “Right now, being that everyone respected what I did on the last album, I don’t want to have people feeling that I’m going to be away again for a long period of time,” said Rae. “For me, I try to stay hands-on with my hardcore base of fans and let them know, ‘Yo, I’m not going to be doing those disappearing acts like that anymore.’”

Raekwon provided some significant revelations in terms of guest spots for Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, which was first conceived in 2007 as a response to disagreemends regarding the musical direction of Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams album.

“Method Man, Ghostface, Inspectah Deck, and GZA all appear on the album,” said Rae. “At the same time I got some other guys involved like [The Roots’] Black Thought—I love his talent. I think that when it comes to him delivering what level I wanted to go he was the perfect man. I also have Raheem DeVaughn who sounds like Curtis Mayfield over a Shaolin track.”

One frequent collaborator, however, will not be contributing to the album. “RZA doesn’t have to be on every album,” revealed Raekwon, who stressed it wasn't about disrespect. “I wanted to give some other producers a chance. It’s not about beef. We can stand on our own.”

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    On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 5:43 AM, Hi-Man2.0 said:

    Ummm.... i guess he is still angry about 8 diagrams which was a bullshit album iy's true.

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