Freshaun speaks on rise to fame!!

Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 3:40 AM By: Commercial Bricks

"First things first, I'm not Jesus. So don't ask me to turn ur water into wine cuz I dehydrate from doing shows so I'll drink
ur water lol. I'm Greatest Apostle Ever and something like John the Baptist, yeah i came up but i refuse to give up my normal life. Don't expect me
to want to deal with the frenzy of haters cuz im not interested in people tryna ruin my life yung-lol-Why u think I do like
the Bible says and drink wine for my infirmities? I'm syce but i ain't syce you feel me? If the pathway ain't clear for
me, don't expect me to come to your town. That means if you don't know about "The Freshaun Movement" and what that really is
in detail, i'll carry it. I was at this club and they handed me a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac along with a Blue Agave
Tequila bottle and i was like really though? and tossed it at my mans! I almost didn't perform that night cuz they tried to treat me like a
product and not a person. I hit dem wit da stunna shades like I don't even see you jo! I told them to holla at Reesha
(CBT publicist) when u ready. I was at K street lounge in the DMV and only stayed for half an hour, not before flossing
for photographers and i was goin ham wit the conversations like my mans will answer that, my talk ain't cheap!"

Shouts out to Hip Hop With An Opinion for the write up.

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