hey ice cube

Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 6:50 AM By: criminalheart

hey it me the holy queer mandy i was trying to get you a publicity photo out for us crazy horses but my pc takes too long ta load so i can t i just got up from that dream thanks fo' tellin me you still cares about ndns ya ta ho ya ta vey whiteachu lol yea i eat all i got some raps n flowery wrote down but i been outta tha rap scene since my homles all got locked up my friend faded- jarmon sales- made the cover of the illsider weekly - i guess he got sent up again since i met him after bein locked up with him at the "honor centere" in st louis but he said he d done some shit with krs 1 i dunno tho so i need some help gramma n grampa are sick n i need help 4 my band criminalheart i ain t even gotta copyright on the name yet i just get 381. dollars a month cause my heads so sensitive u wanna be caption save ahos hehe aho meanz hi in lakota/dakoka sioux so we all ur friends at crazy horse inc. love on u n yours from babylon call me now craig, 573 783 8143 i live in marquand 8 miles away from the trail of tears love ya somali sis aka ya ta ho aka hiroshima aka crazyho aka chaos athena says hi what up n she want you to birth her back on this earth the right way fast n grow a hole cause zeus was a pus n a real man would have her outta his vaginal cavity if he had tha cahonies lol just playin cause i know you faithful to you wife. love on you-amandaknight marquand mo po box 394 63655

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  1. hey ice cube

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