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  1. Dennis Zimbelman. Denver,Colorado. D z band showing west coast love for the Old School Adopt a Gangsta program of Dr.dre Aftermath , a pleasuer to be apart of Ice Cube's west coast studio gangsta's, true to their game in Compton's revolution of up comming hiip trip heavy metal rap stars , keep the music alive. Dennis Zimbelman Denver, Colorado support's Oshay's out line...

  2. Dennis Zimbelman D z band Denver,Colorado, showing some west coast love, in support of ice cube, is Denver on the list , stop on by and smoke one when your in the hood, peace Dennis Zimbelman a.k.a. Weddo from the gheddo D z band straight off the streets of Denver, http://myspace.com/denniszimbelman@aol.com supports the ice & west coast gangsta's. peace weddo


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