This Man, Knowledge.

Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 12:05 AM By: FourNTwenty

First thing i'd like to say is, thankyou to Ice Cube for every ounce of knowledge and influence he's handed to everyone that ever lent their ear to his sound waves.

Its sad that in the most part, the older generation, lesser the young, will hear a tight baseline, a harsh rhyme, an "improper" accent or dialogue and think "rap", therefor being a lower form of music, or at least the way they see it, and that needs to change.

Whether its the way hip-hop culture defines and portrays
itself, be it the media, egotistical rappers, or just
pure ignorance on the listeners behalf, our music's in a bad
state and we're losing out, there are millions who would
gain understanding and respect for true rhythm, rhyme and
fact in music, if people trully supported artists like cube, and not ringtone rappers.

A recent example would be "Gangsta Rap made me Do It"
First time i'd seen the video, it was playing on rage, an unedited music station, the family had flicked through the channels and seen the introduction, "Compton was a nature preserve for bunny rabbits" i laughed for a while, after we'd watched the whole video i could see everyone thinking, it was strange to see the family interested in something usually only i'd listen to,

My parents understood the messages, one i found interesting was in the 2nd verse cube states "Arn't you the same cat that sat back, when they brought cocaine back" obviously a reference to the cia's inclusion in the epidemic of the 80s, words put so simply, with a great message behind them, for everyone thought provoking at the least.

The highlight for me was my little sister asking questions, the simplest being "what did kramer do" i laughed.

My point is, continuance of learning.. Cube states "1" you
think about "1", when a rapper talks about his chain, we gain nothing, and lose time.

in my opinion the difference between poets and rappers is heart, O'Shea is one of the few true modern day poets left in hiphop, so support this man, this music, this culture.

~ Cj

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  1. This Man, Knowledge.

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