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Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 1:00 PM By: Ice Cube

What up Fam,

This ya homie Ice Cube and this is my first blog on my website. We had to change website companies a few months back, and now I think we've worked out most of the kinks. You'll be able to see and hear about what's going on with me, my career and life "straight from the horse's mouth." I don't and will never have anyone blogging for me on this page.

I want to start off by saying, "Thank You!" for all your support over the years. I'm still here fighting the good fight. I don't plan on stopping no time soon. I always trip off artist who say they're going to retire. Retire? And do what? Go fishing? Fuck that. Right now I'm working on my next record, or CD if you 90's or download if you're 2010. I haven't decided on a title yet, but you'll be the first to know if you keep checkin' in on me. "Laugh Now, Cry Later" was my return record. "Raw Footage" was my street knowledge record and this new one is just a banger. I did a song the other day called "Drink the Kool-Aid"...sick lyrics if I do say so myself. Leaking songs all year, droppin' this summer.

Also working on a ESPN 30 for 30 documentary called "Straight Outta L.A." It's about how the Raiders influenced West Coast hip-hop and how West Coast hip-hop influenced the Raiders. The Raiders called L.A. home from 1982 to 1994 and the world would never be the same. Air date is sometimes in May.

Alot of ya'll wanna know why "The Janky Promoters" went straight to video. Dimension Films didn't have the money to promote the movie right and they didn't give me the chance to promote it myself. They just threw it out there "unfinished" for a quick advancement from Blockbuster Video. Hollywood is as janky as Russell Redds and Jellyroll sometimes. Me and Mike Epps took our own money and finished the movie...and you can see and buy our version, with the soundtrack and a t-shirt.

Anything you need to ask me regarding me, my career or this crazy world we living in. This is the place to do it. Hit me up anytime. Working on my next blog as we speak.

Stay up,
Ice Cube

  1. steve0775 avatar

    On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 2:27 AM, steve0775 said:

    What other way can you get people to understand and hear a message, music, you make it simple for them, just like straight out of compton did for awareness of unequal treatment. I thought we were suppose to support our country not bash it like alot of media is doing. We need a way to bring the people back together using President Obama soundbites of alot of the recent events, I hope and have faith in him and our country yea they are a little slow on actions but if something isn't done soon someone is going to get the wrong message and we will have american white terriost all around us. So a uplifting rap/hip hop song about why you can trust at least Obama would be so helpful for all of us in america.

  2. steve0775 avatar

    On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 2:08 AM, steve0775 said:

    Just a poor boy in indiana dreaming, all the media these days, thank god our great president is schooling all the stiffs in Washington,someone if I knew how, needs to do a rap song with soundbites of Obama calling them out. And get it done so people can be uplifted and their trust back in our counry and smartest presidents of all time.

  3. michael73 avatar

    On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 10:28 AM, michael73 said:

    whats up cube, when you are finished with your album, you make also an world tour. long time ago since you was in vienna, austria, 2 times you was already here im still waiting for the 3rd time and waiting. i remember the last concert.i think was late 90s. so im looking forward to your new album and maybe my wish comes true that you come again to vienna.one of your biggest fans in austria,michael

  4. FourNTwenty avatar

    On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 9:25 PM, FourNTwenty said:

    "Retire? And do what? Go fishing? Fuck that"

    That shit made my day, quote of the year hands down haha.
    Still original as the day i first heard you man.
    Keep bringing out that music we love to listen to.

  5. irishyouth avatar

    On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 2:32 PM, irishyouth said:

    whats up cube long time fan from ireland can t wait for your new album it be great to see you again in dublin ireland the last concert was of the chain

  6. nigga4life avatar

    On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 9:32 AM, nigga4life said:

    Hey yo Cube ,I think i'm your biggest fan in Russia!i think you're best rapper ever .you know, i was at your concert at helsinki,finland. that was so great!i wait for new tour and new stuff from you

  7. baby_grace avatar

    On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 5:52 AM, baby_grace said:

    Hey Ice Cube. Just wanted to say Raw Footage got me through Iraq. Thanks. Can't wait for the new one. I'm 90's, so i'll be buying your cd. Can't get up with the new kids and this download bit.


  8. #1 Irish Cube Fan avatar

    On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 3:17 AM, #1 Irish Cube Fan said:

    nice little read thanks cant wait for your new album....
    ?1..When are you going to come back to dublin ireland that was the best show i have ever been to you W.C. & Crazy toones were off the fucking chain....
    ?2...When is W.C.'s new album coming out we waiting
    Much props from Dublin Ireland

  9. leane avatar

    On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 1:18 AM, leane said:

    U r one hot son of a bitch..i luv u man..keep doing all that u luv....u really rock ma world..hope u will visit us in our homeland Kenya one of these days..we feel u man en we wud like to c u there..peace

  10. miteiswell avatar

    On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 7:33 PM, miteiswell said:

    whats up ice cube man i been listing to u a long time . when boyz n d hood came out people start calling me cube all on my job i had every where i went. in now it is d same way even worst.i remember one time went to a club thay let me in free.my wife like that she eats it up showing me to all her friends. but anyway luz to met u oneday r play in one of ur movies i wil audition.facebook/patrick sneed check me out

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