L.A.U.S.D. (Lost Academicly Unscrupulous Student Destruction)

Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 6:28 PM By: JoeTheButcher

As most of you know LAUSD, along with many other school districts in California are cutting left to right; Teachers positions, classified positoins, programs that students need, Tittle 1, etc. Unfortunately, people out there take this situation very lightly, knowing that people’s lives are at stake. There’s a saying that goes “You can’t put a price on education”, but you cant devalue something that last eternity. No one ever stops learning; everyday there is a new lesson to be learned in the classroom, or in general life. However; its funny how people in power (principals, Superintendents) decide to cut peoples jobs, and figure that everything will be fine and jump back to its regular course. If you believe in that strategy, then you shouldn’t hold any position with power.
About a week ago, in Compton Ave Elementary school, the staff read a story about sheep and wolves. To sum it up, the sheep were tired of being eaten by the wolves, so they decided to think how they can get one step ahead of them, mission accomplished the sheep out smarted the wolves. The moral of the story is that people can never stop learning and analyzing situations. The following day, our “belovoed Principal” and other, decided to work on the school-wide budget by themselves, and presenting the budget plan ready to turn in, and having seperate “special meetings” to get it approved by the staff. One thing sheep should never do is undermined a wolf, and that’s what our Principal did. A week later, after phonecalls to our local district Supervisor, the budget was extended and today the staff met and the budget was discussed. There was much information that the staff did not know about, what was cut, whats was taken away, what is priority and who has priority. Teachers and staff had their say of concerns and questionable items, all I found out today was my position is disposable as unused paper stashed away in the school garage (hint*). I appreciate all that teachers do for us Parapeofesionals; giving us encouragement and taking us under their wings, and for all that they do with the students; knowning the hard task it is teaching in Watts.
People don’t usually see what happens in the classrooms, or forgot their own school expirience. I will tell you what happens behind these doors, miracles. I work with educators that know and understand how hard it is living in the “hood”, for a child that learns how to read is another gold star added to their merit of encouragement. I don’t mind loosing my job, I'm just happy for helping teachers to make this school a safe haven for students who need it. Of course we have our little badasses, but even they change... sometimes.
I guess you can take this as my letter of resignation, well... that’s at least when I find another job. I can’t work in a school were education is limited to periodic test and attendance. So many children in different countries are dying for education, and here we are unable to give them what they need. I can’t work in a place were you are not appreciated (not talking about the teachers I know you love us), like today. Mr. Cervantes did all he could to help have at least one working computer in each classroom. When our Principal said “they didn’t do it themselves”, it really showed me how much value we are to her, and by the way; Mr. Cervantes did most of the work... I helped. I can’t work with a Coordinator (not you Mrs Johnson, We love you!) Who are so closed minded that it hurts the staff and the student he so much “cares” about. Seperating students because of language is the most stupid and ineffective idea ever, we all need ELD, all of us. I dont appreciate him (Merino) taking up tasks he can’t accomplish without delegating and blaming others.
My time at Compton Ave has relifted my spirit and made me remember my shcool expirience. One thing about Compton Ave Elementary has that no the school has is the sence of family. I felt welcomed, loved, and for the most part belonged. Working with the 5th graders was probably the best expirience I ever had, I love all those kids, I would take a bullet for them... or at least push them out of the way. They expirience things that most children shouldn’t expirence, things that I remember as a kid that I had to deal with. For the teacher’s who are so awesome! Taking us under your wing and showing us the ropes. For the awesome Office people who took care of us and tought us never letting our gaurd down, and showing us that you’re never too old to party! For my awesome kickass coworkers, probably the best Lunch Room conversations ever, too bad that some people couldn’t handle our topics. To the one and only true coordinator, thank you for always giving us your love and attention. To Mr. Merino, Ms. Starks, Governor Schwarzenegger, Sup. Cortines, the Governor & Senate of Arizona, Lou Dobbs, and anyone who takes out on true education FUCK YOU!

Thanks for reading!

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    On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 11:07 PM, ITS PIMPIN ,PIMPIN said:

    same shit in nevada....and all over this country....2pac said it best they dont really give a fuck about us...

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