C.R.E.A.M. it really does

Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 7:10 PM By: JoeTheButcher

I’ve heard many of people say that money doesn’t play a role in creating a relationship. For those who don’t know C.R.E.A.M. is a Wu-Tang Clan song, it stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me. I stand to believe that its true, you can’t get credit without having money first, you can’t live a life in this society without it, you can’t enjoy society to at its fullest if you don’t have enough of it, and women (at least for us guys) won’t turn the other way to look at you if you don’t show it.

Now, Im not saying that all women are money grubbing whores, that’s just stupid. Let me put women in a scenario were a guy; fairly groomed and dresses well to his capabilities asks you out. Mind you that this guy is polite, and treats you very well for the first time meeting you. You saw this same guy walk out of a bus (public transportation), and that is what he uses to get around town. But wait! there’s is a second guy who asks you out, but this guy is well dressed and groomed, is just as polite as guy #1, but you see this guy in come out of a car that he was driving. Well who would you choose, be honest.

Some of you might say “Well, guy one asked me first so him,” if you’re really diplomatic when it comes to who you will date, lucky guy. My assumption, (and experience) is that most women will go to guy #2. I have nothing against it a woman’s decision on who she wants to go out with, and I can’t blame them. A person with money, (wealth or enough of it) will more likely be successful when it comes to creating a relationship. Why you ask? Well for one it shows security, you’ll go out more, won’t eat at the usual restaurant all the time, and most likely you’ll have more fun.

Swag, does it work? Fuck yes it does. Especially when you find a person who is in the same situation as you and can enjoy the simple pleasures. Swag isn’t being funny, its knowing how to speak to a woman. Some men carry this trait, other’s have to work on it some more (me). Being funny (to some women works), but I will guarantee no matter how hard you make that girl laugh at the bar, she will still get closer to the guy buying the drinks.

Ladies, there is no game that men play to get women (well at least not one that I’ve played), its all about who attracts who. Money plays just as important for guys to girls. From my perspective, it looks pretty expensive to be a women. I mean seriously, shampoos, conditioners, other hair products, perfumes, make up, skin care products, clothing, gym membership (some, some are just blessed), other feminine products. How do i know these things you ask? My family is mostly made up of women, so yeah anyone can pick it up. Without all these things do you believe that a man will come up to you and ask “want to get a cup of coffee?” And if there is, lucky you and i wouldn’t go out with that guy.

Presentation is key, no shit. Swagger, it’s real. Laws of attraction, varies. Being funny isn’t enough. And I’ll I have to say is “I need to step up my game” But there is no game. just to get that clear.

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    On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 6:42 PM, JoeTheButcher said:

    @BONeZ I like your independence, and input of your perspective. It's true that there are men/women out there who think that compassion, love, and affection can be bought. It's importatnt to be strong in one's faith and moral value, with out it then... Fuck it.

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    On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 10:21 PM, BONeZ said:

    i'll agree to certain extent.
    i would definately rather secure my future through hard earned riches, rather than riding someones coat tails, or going into debt just to keep up appearances.
    if i was that successful, i rekon i'd still buy all that cheap shit, cos i know my money would last longer.

    credibility is built on rep.
    the riches are the rewards for pursuing that which dedicated your time to.

    i read a good italian saying,
    It went like this,
    "forget women and study algebra"

    i spose they really put their stamp on the corner of the market by projecting an image that aint gon get ya nowhere but broke.(bling bling and all them titties)

    at the end of the day though, as a woman, and i can only speak for myself, i'd rather a bloke who couldn't afford all them finery's but could garuntee me respect, rather than a man who would keep me entertained with showy trinkets while he gets his kicks somewhere else, not to say all rich fellas are sluts, but hey, i can only speak from experience.

    i wouldn't give my number to this guy a few years ago, who got offended and said " i'll have you know ebony, i am a very rich man."
    i said " i dont give a fuck if ya famous."

    nuff-nuff said.

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    On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 5:23 AM, Hi-Man2.0 said:

    YOU GOT IT RIGHT HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All people who don't agree on that are at 90% lying.
    I wanna add that i know a women who choose guy number one whitout money instead of a rich guy.
    The first guy cheated on her and ruin her life...........

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