Sun, May 5, 2013 at 4:11 PM By: ebenus supremus

Painted a picture perfect future but forgot about the past
Sometimes its all just fun and games but them times wernt meant to last
Memories of the good old days flood in hard and fast
Remember me?
Are you still down?
Do you even have to ask.
Remenissin bout the mish and them days when i was young
Never dwelt apon the drama
You either lost or won
No analitical critisizin or demands someone explain
Just took em as they come and kept a look out for the rain
Watched out for the days when things pay off for real
Could afford the occassional hassle cos i had clout and appeal
Everyone chilled in stormy weather knowin there'd be brighter days
Some just sat back in clouds of smoke oblivious and blazed
The storm come through but you prepared
Had enough to last
Had enough to share with those who'r strapped and blew their stash too fast
It was all good
The storm might last but brighter days'll come
Then its back to working hard, playin games and havin fun.

Turns out its a hurricane now
Gotta evacuate ya home
Grab ya nearest and dearest and head toward the safety zone
Now theres an eerie sense of panic
Everybody prayin they find a way
Wonderin "why the fuck wasn't i prepared for more than just a rainy day."

Bit soft.
Better than getttin all skitz on yas.
Been a while, think i lost the nack for this shit but im sick of being a hard ass.
Still i think this shit is weak as.

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