1 third forgotten

Sun, May 19, 2013 at 8:57 PM By: ebenus supremus

yearning for the tone of the voice in the stone
it speaks of memories all sprinkled with dust
a time before envy a heartbeat before lust
somethings missing from the dream
I remember the scream
nobody came and I recall
the feeling from an incident I know happened before
im scared to think of the touch
I know I was hurt to much
im getting flashbacks feeling the backlash
of something
I know too much

sinister wishes wash my dishes
dirtied by the greed that grew from satans seed
he gives your desires and feeds your hate
by winning you over with wealth and want as bait
if your weak your caught
your souls been bought
your one and only
you know you'll be lonely
but still you hold onto that homely feeling of foolishness

only the second and third verse in a poem i wrote when i was 16
cant remember the first verse except that it were better than the last two.

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