more old stuff

Mon, May 20, 2013 at 4:04 PM By: ebenus supremus

im locked inside a prison but im a prisoner to myself
the bars of the past which i cant break apart are the cause of my poor health
im sick inside from tryin to hide from them deamons lurkin near
tired of the anger annoyed at the danger of livin life in fear
im chained to the evils of my generations gold
lookin from the inside out with only dreams to hold
now all fear is gone
all hopes been torn
into shreds of depression
leavin only the impression of this for forgotten prison thats me.

more half remembered juvenile rhymes. wrote this when i was bout 16 but some of it still rings true. not sure about the whole prison metaphor now though. funny that i remember poems i wrote more than a decade ago but i can only remember fragments of somethin i wrote two years ago, although i did start writin longer poems as i got older and didnt recite them like i did when i was younger.

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