silly little ditty but slightly metaphorical

Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 1:17 AM By: ebenus supremus

back in the day they used to call me bonez
skinny lil muthafucka hgoldin her own
smoked trees like it was Christmas
till I tripped
now im the skitzest
stacked on 30k
kicked the habit
back to business
silly lil bitch with a death wish
fresh quips
servin muthafuckas with the best hits
test shit
bowin down to no man
im holdin spades
you play a slow hand
intentions were righteous till I retired and set up camp here in the low lands
had a score to settle with the vested heavy metal
they head bang I bang wutang
whistling like a tea kettle
sick of the corruption
fuck the introductions
less ya wanna meet ya maker
keep ya paper
duck down productions
messages like metaphors
celibate whores and states of war
guaranteed 2 years of peace
rest assured within the law
fuck the strange shit
fuck your fame bitch
fuck the game, gangs and gains
its lame snitch
ive been insane
its twisted what you cloaims slick
society's blinded by the madness
everyone wanna be the baddest
amass as much cash as they can stash then dash
greed's king
no time for gladness
im staying solo
from now on till all tomorrow
not investin my faith in anothers shadow
respect myself without becoming shallow
keep it simple
learn some
develop a sense of self and take it slow
I aint tryin to catch up to someone elses flow
welcome to the real world
it aint for show

not my best attempt, but I like writing, so bite me.
and im not re readin this crap before I post it so I could care less if it doesn't make sense

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