Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 1:32 AM By: ebano bianco

living in repentance
a self imposed sentence
leading me from lust
seeking acceptance

preventing temptation
pious thoughts bring elation
im content in my exile
its a new found sensation

I turn from ways of old
in an effort to save my soul
only god knows whaqts in my heart
im secure in his fold

when my foes rise against me
its god who prevents me
falling from grace
into the hands of my enemies

but im far from devout
ive still got my doubts
questioning desire
wondering what lifes all about

keeping true to my word\
I know I was heard
so I give thanks
feelin free like a bird

I hate getting all soft, but hey, im female, im supposed to be, but I much rather put a front and not let my guard down. again, not my best attempt but its something, and im kind lost for words so ill let it ride.

Ebano Bianco

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