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  1. As the music and radio industry continues to scramble and shuffle to gain a grip on it's profit margins and tries to pry it's foot out of it's mouth. I've observed how they've consistently played musical chairs with each region and has done a fine job of playing the divide and conquer game. They've managed to shoot themselves in the foot not realizing that the music consumer has more power...

  2. A Shift In The Game

    Sun, May 2, 2010 at 9:34 PM 6 Comments

    I just wanted to say with Ice Cube's new joint about to drop,it's gonna be a major shift in the game. As you all know the "Dirty South" has held the rap game hostage for a good minute now. I've watch it's market and popularity dwindle down to the likes of a steam engine as opposed to a 350 rock with high octane gas. At the helm of this change is Ice Cube. We know it's a lot of "West Coast"...

  3. My Opinion

    Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 1:29 AM 0 Comments

    I just wanted to say that without Ice Cube it wouldn't have been a "West". Can you imagine NWA without his contributions? Of course the whole unit were all elements to the success of NWA,but imagine this dude not being in that unit. I'm not a train hopper so don't get me wrong but this dude is the "West". Every lyric he wrote either summed up the real truth or foretold what was coming. He's...


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