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Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 1:29 AM By: MirkeyWaters

I just wanted to say that without Ice Cube it wouldn't have been a "West". Can you imagine NWA without his contributions? Of course the whole unit were all elements to the success of NWA,but imagine this dude not being in that unit. I'm not a train hopper so don't get me wrong but this dude is the "West". Every lyric he wrote either summed up the real truth or foretold what was coming. He's expanded his hustle and niggas don't like to see anyone grow. How dare anyone try and put it out that he's not a factor. The very door and lane you have to get money in the West and in this game,Ice Cube was apart of that demolition team that opened it. Much respect due. I'm gonna buy the new joint. Only thing I'd love to see Ice Cube do is use his storytelling skills again. Very few dudes can and have done that. Ice Cube has a masters degree in that. It's not about money because dude is caked up. Honestly I feel he does this for the love. That's what the origins of the real rhyme masters come from. Doing it for the love first. We have 90,000,000 rappers now and no real profitable record deals. 90% of them dudes won't make it,the other 10% that gets in will fade back into oblivion never to be seen again. Ice Cube beat those odds many moons ago. So when you shoot shots at icons,you're looking to do a PR stunt or just so full of your own self hate that you don't have a chance because you defeated your own purpose. Peace Ice Cube. You have a legion of respect and support and I happen to be one of millions.

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