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    On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 9:34 AM, SCHauv said:

    What up Mirk?.....i'm very intrigued at your article, i have a couple of things.
    1. As Ghostface Killah said "We shouldn't worry bout what every muhfuka doin these days as far as what hip hop is, cause every fukin thang go in cycles son. whatever we were doin back then da west did it and locked dat shit yo'. now da south is doin it. We need the corporate industry just as much they need us so stop all dat political bullshit, we all get cheddar, it's just up to da individual to make of what he has son. If you wanna be stupid an ignant bout yo paper and start buyin rims or smoke it up then you headed for a downfall son..word. We need to invest that cheddar we makin to take ova and so far i only see a few cats doin that shit nigga.

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