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  1. The audio to the song has been dropped 3 months ago, the music video will drop on November 24, 2014.... Ice Cube also hasn't announced the winners of the Drop Girl (Remix Contest)

  2. Everybody knew that Cube is gonna push the album back because there was no Cover art or a tracklist, the album was supposed to drop October 21 this year, but Cube wasn't lazy as many of y'all thinking he was working on Straight Outta Compton or still is working on it to make it a perfect Movie. Cube tweeted during an Question and Answer with fans and iTunesMovies that the album is due out EARLY...

  3. Cube is performing on October 10 & 11 with Snoop Dogg, Game, Too $hort, Warren G and more on the How The West Was Won concert see details & ticket orders here http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&user_input=How+The+West+Was+Won&q=How+The+West+Was+Won

  4. Ice Cube confirmed the new release date for his upcoming 10th album ''Everythang's Corrupt'' on July 22 same date as Drop Girl came out, im so fucking excited for the album im waiting since 3 years for it since E-A-Ski uploded the Please video ft. Ice Cube !!!

  5. Need that new ish

    Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 5:54 AM 0 Comments

    Can't wait for #EverythangsCorrupt to drop YAY YAY Follow me on twitter @marcellenchmob


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