1. dmiprez avatar

    On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 6:22 AM, dmiprez said:

    Theres sumthin bout the dope game you dont know
    So you might as well hear it from a muthafuckin pro
    When I step out on the block with these fiends on my jock
    I got that millimeter cocked Step up you gettin dropped
    Cash rules everything around me see
    Now heres a little story bout a player like me
    I was about thirteen sittin behind the elementary school
    Gettin drunk smokin blunts actin like a fuckin fool
    Thats about the time my mama busted my bubble
    Always hangin wit the older crowd
    Gettin in lots a trouble
    then one day everthing just stopped
    and I hooked up with a D boy an headed down south
    Lryics from my new one.

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