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Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 2:29 PM By: thommdaniel1

Hello Mr. Cube i just tried sending you an email 5 minutes ago. but before i could enter the extra characters & hit add it blanked off.My name is Thomas M. Daniel,i was the one telling you about The Airplane Invention several weeks back. I am hoping that if at all possible you can give me a call with the address for me to send a copy of my invention;this way once i hear your voice i'd know it's you & not some hijacker trying to intercept my personal info.So if you would can you give me a call @ 5043452038 along with the proper mailing Address for me to send the Invention Layout It has been composed by Invention Submission Corporation in the early 80's.I appreciate your time & patience,May God Truly Bless you & yours & may you all have a Great Holiday Season

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    On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:46 PM, good123 said:

    light from within, she looked steadily out of the window. All without was bright, moncler men christmas edition down jacket in black and cold, and beautiful. White fleecy clouds drifted about the heavens, like so many phantom barks upon the deep blue sea.
    It's cold without and cold within, she muttered, and then, as if startled by some sudden resolve, she turned from the window back to a small escritoire, saying:
    Yes, I'll delay no longer. I must answer Lizzie's letter and tell her all. My duties for the coming week will be pressing, allowing me no opportunity for writing, equal to that of the present.
    Then she wrote: QUEEN CITY, January 20, 185-.
    MY OWN CHERISHED FRIEND: To-night from my casement I looked out upon the cold, bright world, wrapped in moonlight, and as I gazed at the far-off misty horizon, the distance called to mind my far-off friend at Melrose--recalled to mind, too, the fact that your last welcome letter has for an unwonted length of time remained unanswered. Your letter that came on the new year, came as the flowers of spring, always fresh uk moncler jackets and beautiful. It has been neglected from the inevitable press of circumstances by which I have been surrounded, which neglect, I feel assured, you will appreciate and moncler women pop star down coat light red forgive, when I have detailed the following facts.
    My sister Sarah is to be married in a week. This approaching event has been the cause of my restricted time, pressing out of sight, and even out of memory, all letter-writing.
    Yes, dear Lizzie, the long-expected nuptials are actually about to be celebrated, and all our household, except myself, are in a fever of excitement and delight.
    My step-mother is ecstatic over the success of her scheming, and even condescends to be kind to me,-to me, Lizzie, whom she has so long and so faithfully despised.
    My father, too, seems happy over this alliance, knowing Mark's excellent character and business qualifications, and appreciating the connection with the rabbi's family. Mark himself appears happy in the hope of securing Sarah for his wife. But as to Sarah, I can scarcely divine her feelings; she is too young and light-hearted fully to comprehend the step before her. She seems delighted with the occasion that bestows upon her so many handsome presents; and beyond this I think she sc

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  1. To Mr.Ice Cube

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