First Friday of the Month

Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 3:23 AM By: tara

Plot- To make sure that at the end of the month everyone ir ready for the first of the month.That means everyone is checking their mailboxes to see if they got their check.(ssi,disability,welfare,tanif,famis,health insurance,etc.......).

Characters- Craig and the family
Smokie and Mother
Uncle Elroy and family
Moey Mike
Mr. Molie
Climax-Smokie and Lisa are in the hometown where they are from still selling weed for big worm.they are married and have kids.craig hooked up with carla and her mom is in a resthome and she is transporting dope from the home and craig and carla are getting the dope and weed from her and selling it.she is the godmother of the whole operation and her is going to be himself. smokie is going to be in abind trying to get the money for rent so that he can pay big worm.elroy and craings dad are going to be the transporter to take the wwed from the godmother and take it back to craigs dads hometown so that they can give it to smokie so he can make money to pay big worm and pay the rent .Elroy and his brother are sharing a bond while they are traveling across country.

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    On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 3:53 AM, tara said:

    ice cube if you see this idea i hope that you would produce this moviecaue the world needs a nwe friday to just get back in to reality of how the world is still the same and now that we got a black president we need to let be announced that it is real shit going on in the streets and we neeed to change it and be real about things and stop coverinh them up

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  1. First Friday of the Month

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