"Make God Bleed"-Open letter to Kanye West and Jay-Z, Hip Hop "Messiahs"

Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 10:45 AM By: ChrisLymon

Big Sty released what some may call an open letter to Hip Hop artists Kayne West and Jay-Z, using psuedo religion as a marketing strategy. His song is calling for the return of honesty and trueness in Hip Hop. "Make God Bleed" is a reminder to Hip Hop Icons about their simple beginnings, humble mistakes and stumbles in the industry.

Big Sty's "Make God Bleed" is a reality check not just to "Jay Hova" and "Yeezus" but to all Hip Hop "Idols". It is a message to those who has lost sight of the purpose of Hip Hop and its culture.

Big Sty's blunt honesty and directness in "Make God Bleed" is nothing short of a Hip Hop Revolution waiting to happen. Big Sty is one of Richmond, Virginia’s promising up and coming artists. Growing up in the 80s, when Hip Hop was young, wild, and new- he was influenced by Hip Hop pioneers such as KRS1, Ice Cube from NWA, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J. Through their unadulterated lyrics about life as a black youth in America, Big Sty was able to relate to their life stories because he believe every moment is a teachable and learnable experience. He used the knowledge of his predecessors and studied how to focus on his own life experiences to get his point across through music.

If you were to describe Big Sty’s style of music, one will say it is a perfect combination of old and new Hip Hop, street with a conscious undertone. In 2004, Big Sty’s first commercial hit single was “It’s a Problem” off his mixtape entitled The Best of Big Sty.

"Make God Bleed" YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/AHzSs1LNIUY

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    check this video out this guy telling truth

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