The Scape Goat

Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 5:17 PM By: vincelv

Im just you ever get mad on people using others or even situation too explain why they are in the spot there in...i really get aggrivated with that..there is too many things in this world to worry about other then who is too blame or who is wrong or there the reason why im where i am..i rather take what i want and not worry about whos going too hate me me "you get yours" "ill get mine"...i keep my faith and i keep on struggling but i dont blame my peers cuz i made the choices i made on my is a gamble..take a chance..cuz staying idle and just chaining yourself to hate is a prison with no bars i want too be associated with..and also i never let my past memories chain me down from moving foward in my life.. t(@_@)....

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    On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 10:30 PM, BONeZ said:

    that's a brave post, sayin you dont do them things...
    take it from someone who guilty bout gettin mad and havin practiced them things that you pointed out, but can now recognise is wrong to practice...
    sometime ya need to go through all that, when there's no one handin out the right kinda advice, but you right, cos if ya learn from it, ya pretty much end up where your coming from...pretty mature...sept sometimes ya can't always walk away just expecting that other gon " get theirs " sometime, you "gotta be the one to give it "...goes both ways too, good and bad....and if ya don't point out who to blame, then no one ever gon get round to fixing the problem, it just gon grow....ya 100% right bout takin it up for yaself though, takin resposibility and all....that's all pretty deep for a young man.


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