Fuk da jerkin shit

Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 5:59 PM By: Gee.4.Genius

Fuck that jerkin shit
Haven’t u heard we legit and made it to the top on our first track
Gangsta rap aint dead
And that’s a fact and jerkins wack
U betta believe it ima bustn an attack
Yoo don’t get a panic attack
Cuz that westcoast is the real hit
If u a jerk u look like a fruit
And ima have to regulate
Pop out the boot and bust a cap on you
U fagget as lookin like a banana passion fruit
Ima have to tell u the dress code
Cuz we on top of the fashion
We originals not like ur shit coming from the gringos
Stikas on da tilted hat, with skinny jeans
Swagin wit our beats from the my streets
To bad we cant compete
Fuk it take a seat cuz haven’t u heard
Gangstas don’t dance, They Boogie
Jus ask your momie how she would boogie
N go under the sheets
Shits wastin my time but it aint over mothafukas
And if anyone gota problem we gona come after u
So don’t forget to pack a lunch

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  1. Fuk da jerkin shit

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